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Fireplace Removal

Removing a fireplace is an art in itself and it takes a real understanding to remove one without breaking or damaging it. A fireplace that was installed 200 years ago will require different handling to one that was installed 50 years ago. If it has been refitted, this will also factor in how the fireplace should be moved.

All of these considerations mean you should leave your antique fireplaces only in the most experienced of hands. We have the knowledge and tools to remove your fireplace whilst preserving maintaining the beauty of the piece.

In some cases, damage is inevitable as the fireplace may be calcified or damaged. We will be able to discuss the state of your fireplace and its likely condition after removal at a free consultation.

Once removed the fireplace will then be either taken to out workshops for storage or restoration or installed into a different setting or property in line with the clients’ instructions.

Find out more about antique fireplace removals and restorations in London and around the world, by contacting us at The Fireplace Restorer.

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Fireplace Storage

At our workshops we have secure and fully insured storage facilities where all antique fireplaces are catalogued, palleted and wrapped. Prices for storage will vary in relation to the value of the fireplace. This will be discussed and agreed prior to arranging collection or delivery for storage.

We understand how precious your antique fireplace, but you can have complete peace of mind that your fireplace is safe, secure and protected when it is in our hands.

 Antique fireplace removal ,storage and repair in London    Antique Fireplace pillar installation and storage in London



Fireplace Restoration and Repair

We offer a comprehensive restoration service for all periods of fireplaces and have the expertise to work with all materials. We can restore stone, marble, timber and cast-iron fireplaces.

With restoration, it is very important to retain the natural ageing or patina to a fireplace that has accumulated over the course of Its existence. This patina is what gives the fireplace its luxurious look and appeal. We always restore ‘sympathetically’, leaving small chips and imperfections so that the age of the fireplace shines through.

We are regularly commissioned to undertake and tender for prestigious works at premium and high-end properties all around the UK and abroad. A number of these can be viewed in our Gallery; although some details will be missing as Non-Disclosure Orders were signed where clients wanted anonymity.


In-Situ Restoration

We are one of a very few companies, or perhaps the only company, to offer in-situ restoration. If you have a fireplace that cannot be removed, say it is in a grade one listed building, we can provide restoration services at your location.

You will save money because we won’t have to remove the fireplace, reassemble it and install it. One drawback is that we cannot use all of the tools and chemicals at our disposal, so the restoration will not be as good as a workshop restoration. However, we can discuss all of these issues during a free consultation.

Find out more about antique fireplace restorations in London and around the world, by contacting us at The Fireplace Restorer.

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Fireplace Installation

There is so much more to installing a fireplace than just securing it to the wall. If you really care about the condition and look of your fireplace you will leave everything in the hands of a fireplace specialist. We are regularly contracted to re-install and ‘make good’ a fireplace after an inexperienced person has attempted to perform the job.

Every wall, fireplace and property are different and there is a long list of factors which need to be considered when installing a fireplace.

Critical considerations include:

  • What material is the surround?
  • What the chimney breast wall is constructed of?
  • Is it to be a working fire or decorative?
  • Is it solid fuel or gas?
  • Are there up lighters required in the hearth?
  • Has the flue been swept and tested?
  • Does the flue need re-lining prior to installation?

All of our installations are safe and accredited, in line with HETAS (the solid fuel governing body) and Gas Safe (the gas regulatory body).

We offer a free site survey to assess your needs, advise accordingly and quote for all installation works.

Please contact us at The Fireplace Restorer for any enquiries regarding antique fireplace restoration in London and worldwide.

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Antique Fireplace restoration and Installation in London home

Antique Fireplace Installation in London home

Fireplace Supply and Manufacture

We can also supply and manufacture any fireplaces of your choice whether period or reproduction.

From experience, Chesneys have a fantastic range of fireplaces and we can happily supply any product from their wide repertoire of fireplaces. They also offer a bespoke reproduction fireplace service that is unrivalled.

From our workshops in Kent, we can happily take on commissions for manufacturing bespoke and very specific products. We have assisted a number of clients who have unfortunately suffered thefts. We have the capabilities to reproduce any kind of fireplace however, elaborate or complex.

Please contact us at The Fireplace Restorer for any enquiries regarding antique fireplace restoration in London and worldwide.

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Antique Fireplace supply and manufacture in London home







 “As part of the renovation strategy of a large country venue, we needed to restore our fireplaces. We contacted The Fireplace Restorer. They came in and straight away we knew they had the knowledge to carry out our requests to the letter. Within a few short weeks they restored six Georgian fireplaces.

Miriam Gray
Estate Manager






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